Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How about that rain!

Well folks, I apologize for being MIA here for awhile. It has been quite busy over here. But I finally had a chance to sit down and do some catching up on my stuff, so I decided to drop in for a just a second. So far its been a pretty good start to the year, the weather has been decent, our local lakes (Lake Belton and Lake Stillhouse) have both caught a good bit of water from last years drought. Lake Belton as of today is actually 2ft above pool and Lake Still House is back up to only 10ft Low.
 With some good rain in the future I believe that our lakes will be fine and we are in for a great summer full of boating. With drought conditions last year bringing lake levels to an all time low, the pleasure boating slacked off quite a bit which caused a few carry over in our Stingray boat line (see them here http://www.texasboatworld.com/) but so far this year with the lakes slowly climbing our 2011 inventory has slowly been decreasing.
            I’m sure that all of our local fishing guys/girls that finally managed to figure out how to fish and navigate these lakes are in part pleased to see them come back up so they can get around without so much worry. However, with the recent influx of several feet of water, the likely hood of the fish being where they were 2 days ago is slim. Now to start over again and track them down once more! Isn’t that part of the fun?
            Well I just wanted to stop in and say something about the lakes coming back up but I will not wait so long between next posts!