Friday, December 9, 2011

Stingray Pleasure Boats

Well, here is another company that just does it right. Stingray boats, a family owned and operated business out of South Carolina that has been building top of the line Pleasure boats since 1979. Their owner and founder Al Fink has always had a passion for excellence and a desire to make a boat that stand out above the rest. And over the years he has made the obvious in his boat line.
If you’re a Stingray Boat owner, you know that Al’s passion can be seen in every aspect of all boats that roll out of his plant. Everything from the stainless steel hardware, the 2 inch fuel fill to the upholstery used in the production of a Stingray boat stands above and beyond most competitors boats. These are not just idle words, their actions and ranking among some of the finest boats on the water speaks for itself. For years running, Stingray has topped the list at being on of the best performing and most fuel conservative boats on the water. Through test performed by, Trailer Boats, Boating Magazine, Go Boating and many others; it has been proven time and time again to out perform its competitors in every way possible. (These tests can be viewed at a third party website called
With a line up consisting of everything from an 18ft Bow Rider all the way up to a 25ft Cabin Cruiser, Stingray can fit the need of just about every pleasure boater out there. Again performance out of every boat in their line up stands out above the crowd. Even in their entry level model, the 185 standard with either a 3.0 volvo or 3.0 Mercury. Either motor you go is going to get a top end around 49mph and more then enough torque to get any skier out of the water. That is exceptional performance out an 18 in a half foot boat with 135hp. You can credit that kind of performance to their Z Plane Hull design. That design dramatically reduces drag and reduces air bubbles in the water below the boat allowing for the prop to “grab” the water better therefore increasing speed and fuel efficiency.
There is so much to be proud of when owning a Stingray boat and without experiencing the ride and performance of one for yourself, you may find it hard to believe all the hype. We do sell these boats, along with many other brands, we have sold several of the competitors boats at one point or another and it has always came back to being just Stingray. From the support you receive when owning a Stingray boat, to their overall design and quality, the boats can just about sell themselves. We’ll talk more about the company later but I thought I would just throw a quick word about what I truly believe to be one of the strongest and best quality pleasure boats available on the market right now.

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